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Decking For Rest And Relaxation

Decking offers a warm and natural alternative to hard surfaces for seating and relaxation areas. It’s warm finish and natural feel complements planted areas & make it ideal for blending in with planted gardens. The softer feel that it can provide works particularly well against the hard surfaces of homes and buildings and when combined with a planting scheme can play an important role in creating an inviting area in any garden.

Cost Effective And Practical

As well as providing a comfortable surface underfoot, decking & timberwork is ideal for terracing and the retaining of soil and banks, often at a much lower cost than using stone or paving and brickwork. New or reclaimed oak sleepers can be used to excellent effect to create retained & feature raised beds, custom built-in benches and tables.

Quality For A Long Life

All of our softwood timber products are tanalised pressure treated for longevity and come from FSC approved sustainable sources. A full range of Hardwood timber is available for decking and will usually be installed with invisible fixings to offer a very crisp looking finish. If you require additional protection, we can further treat decking surfaces with a variety of specialist products. These include anti-slip surfaces and coloured stains as well as providing an oiling service that feeds the grain of hardwood boards. 

Landscaping & Garden Services In Brighton:
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