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Grounds Maintenance

As well as designing and landscaping in Sussex, we specialise in on-going ground maintenance.

Just Right For You

Custom schedules for complete gardening maintenance packages can be created for your particular requirements. Whether you need initial clearance work and quarterly visits or more regular work for well-manicured grounds, we will put together an individual package that provides just the service you need.

Let us Take The Strain

We can tackle hedge and tree replacement/removal work that needs to be undertaken to meet any preservation orders in place. Lawn renovations and ongoing maintenance programs can be implemented where you are looking to take lawns to the next level, or to revive a well-used area after a long, dry summer or over use. We provide professional advice to create the right package for you, which can include:

  • Mowing & Turf care
  • Lawn renovations
  • Hedge cutting
  • Shrub & flower care
  • Major pruning
  • Tree care
  • Planting schemes
  • Mulch application
  • Application of weedkillers (By NPTC qualified staff)
Landscaping & Garden Services In Brighton:
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