Dream, Design, Bring Your Garden To Life

Our job is to turn your vision of the perfect garden into reality. We’ve created this website to inform and inspire you, and to help you take the first steps to bringing your perfect garden to life.

Your Ideal Garden - In Town And Country

With many years of landscaping and gardening in the Sussex and Brighton areas, we combine the artistic and creative flair of our designers with a real depth of understanding about what works best in the landscapes of this beautiful area.

Landscaping With Style And Experience

Founded in 1999, the name of Goddard’s has become synonymous with creativity. As a pro-active landscaping company for Sussex, Brighton and the surrounding counties, we have earned this reputation because:

  • We bring passion and creative flair to your garden.
  • We remember it’s your garden, and that you’re in control.
  • Our standards and finish are second to none.
  • Our forward thinking approach means we have a long list of happy customers.

Landscaping And Gardening For Our Environment

We are fully committed to conservation, and always minimize the environmental impact of our landscape gardening by:

  • Planning and working efficiently.
  • Minimising waste.
  • Recycling waste where possible.
  • Minimise harmful emissions from our vehicles and equipment.
  • Sourcing and promoting a product range from suppliers who also follow our policies.

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Landscaping & Garden Services In Brighton:
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