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Plan To Landscape – Plan To Save

Landscaping and landscape gardening are often left to the end of new build and development projects. This often leads to remedial work as the needs of the grounds clash with the construction of foundations and services. The result can be compromises on the final landscaping, or costs incurred to rework the original build. Consulting with landscaping specialists at the outset can prevent these problems, and costs, from occurring. Much of the work can also be undertaken while the main build is taking place, reducing the lead time to project completion.

Landscaping Helps Properties Sell

When a property is landscaped well, it immediately attracts interest and is easier to promote and sell. By making landscaping an integral part of the initial design and build you also reduce the overall costs of the project and so increase the return on investment. With a complete package of landscape and design services Goddards are able to offer:

  • Site clearance.
  • Erection of boundary fences.
  • Progression of project schedules.
  • Concurrent garden build and soft landscaping of planting schemes, irrigation systems and those all-important finishing touches that help impress your clients.
Landscaping & Garden Services In Brighton:
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