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Landscaping Project - Lloyd Road Hove

The Project

We were introduced to this project when a long- time customer of over ten years brought us on board, right at the very beginning.

The site was overgrown and in a state of disrepair.  Our involvement started with the selection of the most appropriate specimens, and the best siting of them to allow for the construction of the house whilst still retaining some of the naturally established framework of the garden.

The next stage was to install new fencing to all four boundaries to act as screening from nearby houses to provide privacy for all the homes.

The designs were finalised and a good relationship with the project manager was formed.  This allowed good coordination between our gardeners and the other trades on site to take place, reducing delays and more importantly consequently eliminating the costs of delays and keeping the project on schedule.

Inevitably, there were periods during the 12 month build when we unable to access the site, but occasional site visits allowed us to keep an eye on progress.  This meant we were always ahead of the curve with the landscaping works.

Approximately 2 months before the completion date we were back on site and able to carry through the main work.  Levelling, grading and topsoiling took place at the same time as the paving was being laid.  This meant we avoided newly paved areas from being subjected to foot traffic from the soil importation.

Planting was followed by the installation of a fully automated irrigation system which was supplied by the already installed water harvester tank.  This in turn was covered by a thick layer of composted woodchip mulch to supress weeds and water loss whilst finishing off the look of the beds and borders.

The culmination of the planting phase was to work outwards towards the driveway with the premium lawn being installed whilst the paving was completed.

With the landscaping tasks being completed to form a completed section around the site extremities, the remaining major task was the driveway installation.  This consisted of laying block paved areas for the garage/parking area and threshold to the street, and the main driveway access run having some texture added in the form of crushed silver granite chippings.

The planting of Cordyline palms, Bamboo and summer flowering Jasmine completed the access from the street to make sure that a visitors first impressions was one to last.

Goddard’s team thrive when we are given control of the outside areas of any project, and this is where our multiple skills come to the fore, with our project management most effectively bolstering our design and landscaping skills.

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