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Irrigation Systems

Bring Life To Your Garden

Having an irrigation system will provide water to your plants and lawns on a managed basis, reducing the losses to your investment and keeping your gardens looking fresh and full of life. We offer a full installation service that uses proven systems from leading manufacturers, giving you the very best of modern automated systems.

Drought Protection You Can Rely On

With drip lines being exempt from all but the most long running hose pipe bans, even water companies acknowledge the benefits of irrigation systems which offer the correct amount of water, at the correct intervals, directly to the rootzone of planted areas.

The key benefits are:

  • Efficient use of water as wastage is eliminated.
  • Delivered to the correct point of the plants.
  • Automated control ensures the correct delivery of water, both for time and volume.
  • Automated timing allows watering before the sun and heat rises.
  • Increased plant growth due to consistency of water supply.
  • Water harvesting tanks can be utilised to reduce water bills and environmental effects.
  • Time saving benefits as you no longer have to water the garden.

Whether you’re planning a new landscaping project and wish to incorporate a system from the outset, or simply want to enhance an existing garden in Brighton or Sussex, an irrigation system can be an invaluable asset to your gardening facilities.

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